Customer Care

To give customers recommendations or suggestions, our. A salesclerk has to have an idea of current fashion trends and an eye for what looks good on the customer and what accessories would fit with their purchase. We also needs to know about your store: where to find the different sizes and styles, whether you can order a particular item that's out of stock, and what dresses or suits are on sale this week.

IIf your customers come in with complaints or merchandise they want to return, employees have to handle it smoothly. A good salesclerk listens without getting defensive, even if the customer blames her for whatever went wrong. The salesclerk has to fix the problem, stay cool if the customer gets angry and know which supervisor to ask for help if she can't solve the problem herself. A good salesclerk can act as if the customer is always right, even when the customer's wrong.

Privacy & Safety

We are committed to the protection of personal data we process – below you’ll find the Privacy Policy, which guides how we collect, use, transfer and store the information that you provide us with or that we collect about you when interacting with BOXOUT CLOTHING COMPANY. The following information is provided by Boxout Clothing Company to show how we comply with applicable rules and regulations such as SSL Secure Shopping and to help keep you fully informed about your rights (and how to enforce them). 

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